Golden Hills Academy TK-6th Grade

Formerly All Children Academics

A strength based approach to empowering students with the academic, social and emotional skills they need to become a
confident learner and reciprocal friend.

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GHA’s mission is to demystify academic and social learning differences, and empower students with the correct tools so they can be self-aware, independent, and confident in both a classroom and social setting.


GHA provides a safe and personalized environment for children to acquire the academic, social, and emotional skills they need to confidently grow as a learner and friend. Through personalized programs our educators provide wrap around services to remediate and advance students academically, guide self regulation, and foster friendships. Educators equally aide in the advancement and advocacy for students who have sensory processing disorders, anxiety, social pragmatic delays, attention difficulties, and behaviors that may result from the above mentioned challenges.

Every student at GHA has different needs and benefits from different supports, but all students have the ability and desire to be apart of a school community. GHA provides an environment that allows students to work on their needed skills, under the guidance and encouragement of well equipped educators, engaging hands on curriculum while still getting a mainstream school events experience.

GHA students benefit greatly from our personalized education and behavioral plans. Each of our small and carefully crafted cohort of students receive direct social pragmatic scaffolding and a personalized learning plan. Our goal is to provide a comfortable place where a student is understood by their teachers, and their teachers are able to instruct them in creative innovative ways.










After a half dozen tours, a massive list of schools to research and a disappointing preschool experience that caused more harm than help, we found our school! All Children Academics made my child feel happy, safe and welcome. He even participates in table school work, which just months he wouldn’t sit and do a craft at his other school. It’s a warm, loving environment that has been a godsend for me as a parent.


The program is very child centered and my son comes home and takes a nap everyday. I can tell he has been learning and working hard. My husband and I highly recommend All Children Academics. For the first time our son wants to go to school, has friends, and even tells us about his day.


At All Children Academics I feel supported, respected and understood & I think my daughter feels the same way as she now has increased confidence and a love of learning. Shana has been a blessing in our lives. I highly encourage families in need to become involved in her program.


Rolling Admissions

If you’re a parent feeling stressed and overwhelmed about finding the right school for your child, you are not alone. It’s a big decision that can have a significant impact on your child’s future. You have likely been looking for a school for some time that understands your child.

This is the place.

We offer rolling admissions, providing an opportunity for families to secure their child’s place without the constraints of a fixed application deadline. We would love to help you, contact us today to get started.

Shana Kenney

Founder & Director