Cultivating Curiosity

Our 3rd/4th grade combination class has up to ten students with two teachers. This classroom places an emphasis on project based learning, remediation and academic advancement, and independent learning.

Students in this classroom are on two ends of the learning spectrum, they are transferring in needing academic remediation in a personalized, small, and sensitive environment. Or they are excelling academically, but still need the comfort of a small classroom to manage anxiety, and sensory needs. Either way the student is learning, our project based, and small group approach allows for pride and success.

Students in this classroom begin to experience participating in off campus electives. This participation comes in the form of art, music, and science. Students begin to practice transferring their skills to new contexts with new teachers, practicing the social, emotional, and behavioral skills they have learning at GHA, in new environments, but still with the safety and comfort of their teacher and cohort.

Consistent corrective intervention is placed on social and emotional challenges aiding students to take responsibility for actions, self advocate, and self regulate, all while being scaffolded and supported by a teacher. Academic creativity, mixed with California content standards, allows each child to achieve at a self-driven pace, meeting their individual and grade level goals.

We follow the California academic content standards for each grade, differentiating to meet your child where they are at, and advancing from that point. We use a variety of curriculums, teaching styles, and a kinesthetic approach to teach to each individual child.

Our innovative curriculum provides social thinking opportunities, behavioral support systems, sensory integration, fine and gross motor benefit, project based academics and off campus extracurricular fun! Students engage in PE/Gross Motor work three times day, and have the option for occupational therapy and speech pull outs.